Welcome to God’s Family at Oakdale!

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  This church opens wide its doors, and in the name of our Lord says, “WELCOME!” (Oakdale’s Motto)

    The mission of Oakdale Presbyterian Church is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, breaking down barriers, healing hurts, renewing broken relationships, and unifying God’s people. (Oakdale’s Mission)

We, the people of the Oakdale Presbyterian Church (USA) affirm the following common goals as our mission priorities:

1)      To live lives of worship, thanksgiving, and praise;

2)      To witness by faith to the redeeming power of Jesus Christ;

3)      To study the Scriptures as our primary rule of faith and practice;

4)      To be obedient and responsive servants in meeting the needs of others in the name of Jesus Christ;

5)      To encourage one another as stewards of all that God has given us;

6)      To teach and model the Christian faith to our children and youth; and

7)      To nurture and support families in their primary role of passing on the Christian faith to the next generation.   

To all who need comfort…to all who need friendship…to all those who are lonely and need companionship…to all who want sheltering love…to those who sin and need a Savior…and whosoever will come… this church opens wide its doors, and in the name of our Lord says, “Welcome.”  (Oakdale’s Vision)


We are a connectional church and a confessional church.  Our history and theology can be traced back to the Reformers of the 16th Century, including John Calvin.

More recently, we were organized in 1951 by a few like-minded members of the Bethany Community. Our charter members felt the need for a church in this community that was led by the Holy Spirit with Christ as the Head. We worship in a relaxed-traditional style with hymns and liturgy that encourages the participation of all members in worship.

We are led by Elders who are elected by the congregation and ordained for servant-leadership in the life of the church.  Oakdale is a part of the Providence Presbytery whose offices are located in Rock Hill, SC  http://www.providencepres.org/


The following document is a recent list of Objectives and Action Steps agreed upon by Oakdale’s Session in directing its ministry in the future.