Small Group Ministry

We invite you to attend one of Oakdale’s small groups.  We have two small groups that have started and others that are still forming.  Read below to find out more about small groups and try one.

“The Sisters Small Group” – WEDNESDAY NIGHTS 7PM at 2002 Edgepark Rd. (Clover). This will be a Bible Study group that encourages sharing of fellowship.  Men and women are welcome!   THIS GROUP IS MEETING AT CHURCH THROUGHOUT LENT (March 8-April 12 as part of the Wednesdays in Lent – 6:00pm Meal; 6:40pm Singing; and 7:00pm Bible Study) Questions- Call Pat or Marian at 803-222-7694

NURSING HOME SINGING GROUP – Meets 10:30am every second Monday of the month at White Oak Manor (York).  We sing and visit with residents for about an hour.  Next meeting times: March 13 and April 10

SCRAPBOOKING GROUP- Mondays 7:00pm at Elaine Sommer’s home (1861 White Ibis Court- off Faulkner Rd).  Call Elaine if you have questions at 704-214-2615.


Beginning in January and going through April Bible groups will be forming to participate and discuss the Read Through the Bible schedule of readings.

BIBLE GROUPS – Everyone is encouraged to participate in one of the Bible Groups that will be discussing what we are reading.  Here are the groups:

Wednesday 7:00pm at The Sisters’ Home (THIS GROUP IS MEETING AT CHURCH THROUGHOUT LENT (March 8-April 12 as part of the Wednesdays in Lent – 6:00pm Meal; 6:40pm Singing; and 7:00pm Bible Study).   Pat Carlay and Marian Wallace are the leaders (2002 Edge Park Rd).

Sunday 9:45am Downstairs Adult Sunday School Class  (under the Sanctuary during Sunday School)

What is Small Group Ministry? A small group has two or more and no more than 15 persons who meet together regularly with an agreed upon common goal, who trust and encourage one another and are aware of one another’s needs. Small group ministry has been foundational to the mission of the Church. Jesus spent considerable time with a small group of disciples of whom he would eventually commission for ministry. The first gatherings of Christians were held in people’s homes. Today, congregations exist with small groups.


There are different types of small groups. Some take the form of Bible studies or men/women’s groups. Other small groups are centered around an activity or supporting a particular need. Here is a list of the many kinds of small groups: Support Groups, Prayer Groups, Home Groups, Recreation Groups, Mission/Outreach Teams, Visitation Groups, Discipleship Groups, Life Stage Defined Grps., Committee [Task Grps], Sunday School Class Grps., Handi-men’s Group, Marriage Groups, Fellowship Groups, Knitting/Craft Groups, Neighborhood Grps, and Mentor Groups.


SGs are flexible: time frame (1 hr., 1.5 hr, 2 hr); short/long term (4 weeks/1 yr); level of commitment (high/low). The typical sequence of a small group meeting is: Welcome – opt. icebreaker or members’ check-in; Opening Prayer or Singing; Bible Lesson and discussion (if not a Bible study, another activity); and Closing Prayer.


How can Oakdale benefit from Small Group Ministry? SGs have the ability to foster greater FELLOWSHIP and NURTURE among members. SGs provide an ideal setting for BIBLE STUDY and PRAYER. SGs are a means of OUTREACH to people outside the church, oftentimes facilitating relationships that lead to sharing the message of the gospel and participation in the life of the congregation (EVANGELISM). Through the relationships of SGs people are SUPPORTed in their struggles. Oftentimes SGs take on ministry projects (SOCIAL MINISTRY) and enable NETWORKING between individuals. SGs can help people to grow SPIRITUALLY and fulfill their role and calling from God as members and participants in the mission of the Church (CONNECTIONALITY).