Outreach Ministries

Oakdale is highly committed to outreach in the local community of Clover and Western York County and participates in various missions that are carried out by the Providence Presbytery and the Presbytery Mission Agency.

One of our Mission Priorities is “to be obedient and responsive servants in meeting the needs of others in the name of Jesus Christ.”  An objective that the Witness and Outreach Committee focuses on is:  We will plan opportunities to participate in missions and emphasize the financial support of missions.  

Some of the ways that Oakdale fulfills this objective are:

  • Food items are collected for food pantries at the God’s Kitchen and Clover Area Assistance Center- Food is delivered monthly to these pantries. Members make donations regularly and as part of periodic food drives that are held throughout the year.  441 lbs. was donated in 2016.
  • Members volunteer weekly at God’s Kitchen to prepare and deliver meals to those in need in the community.
  • The Lord’s Kitchen meal delivery to residents in Western York County- On Monday and Thursdays each week meals on prepared at the old Hickory Grove School Cafeteria and delivered to residents from Sharon to Hickory Grove to Smyrna to Bethany.                                                                                   
  • dfh_2013Dimes for Hunger is a longstanding tradition at Oakdale; a Minute for Mission is presented in September and families are challenged to fill small banks that are given to them at worship.
  • Adopt-A-Highway trash pick up is conducted quarterly on Highway 55 from McGill’s Crossroads to the Bethany-Santiago Fire Dept.
  • ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING OFFERING supports hunger relief, disaster relief, and redevelopment efforts through Presbyterian Mission Agency.
  • CHRISTMAS JOY GIFT OFFERING to help retired ministers and their families who are in need.
  • THORNWELL ORPHANAGE OFFERING  –  Each Thanksgiving an offering is taken to support this children’s orphanage located in Clinton, SC.                                 
  • SUPPORT OF MISSIONARIES – Oakdale supports Mark and Miriam Adams (Border Ministry at the Mexico-U.S. border), Bob and Kristi Rice (work as Evangelism Coordinators in The Congo, Africa); and Phil and Sarah Baer (Wycliffe Bible Translators).
  • Angel Tree Gifts – Each November names of angels (received from Bethany Elementary School) are placed on the Angel Tree at church in vestibule. Members take names and purchase Christmas gifts for the children and their family.
  • Clover School District Backpack Food Program – Oakdale has participated in filling backpacks with food for children to take home as part of this Clover District project.
  • Habitat for Humanity Home Repair Projects – In August 2016, Oakdale worked with three other Presbyterian churches to fund and volunteer the project of repairing two homes in the Clover area.

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  • Clover School District School Supply Drive – Each August a school supply drive is conducted at the Clover football stadium.  Oakdale supports this project with a gift.
  • Bethany School Parent Night Childcare Volunteering– Each year members of Oakdale provide free child care for families while parents meet with their child’s teachers.
  • Syrian Refugee Education Project – Pastor Gillikin participates as a committee member in planning events that support this worthwhile project of funding the education of Syrian children in refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon.